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Faculty at Home Webinars

Join us for insight and conversation with Middlebury professors. Engage with faculty members, with big ideas, and with other alumni and parents in this interactive webinar series. Register now!

Christal Brown and Lida Winfield-Same but Different: Turning curiosity into an artistic reflection on race, age, gender, and surviving life

Same but Different is a dance-theater performance created and performed by Christal Brown and Lida Winfield. The scholar-artists explore their similarities and differences in a cultural commentary on race, age, and gender. In this webinar, the artists will share excerpts of the work and discuss how it is a reflection of their lived values, artistic practice, and communal existence.

Old Chapel: Fleshing Out an Old Icon

Prof. Emeritus Glenn Andres discusses research into the multi-layered story of Old Chapel, the college’s most iconic building, its generation, its iconography, its place in the history of American campus design, and its circumstantial ties to one of the nation’s most important nineteenth century architects.

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Midd2Midd, the College’s alumni mentoring and networking program, jump-starts the networking process for current students and for alumni. When the pandemic hit, Midd2Midd became a vital resource for job and internship seekers. Today, there are 1,557 students using the platform—a 45 percent increase since March 2020—and more than 3,000 alumni and parent members who can give—or get—career advice.

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