Excerpted from the College Handbook



J. Religious Holidays

Middlebury College recognizes that the student body includes adherents of many faiths and that observance of religious holidays is an important part of religious practice for many students. The following policies have been established in order that students at Middlebury will not suffer academic penalties because of the conscientious observance of religious holidays:

It is reasonable to consider major religious holidays for the Middlebury student body as a whole to include the following: Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and the first day of Passover; Good Friday and Easter Sunday; Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. Examinations should not be scheduled and papers should not be due on any of these holidays. Absences from class on these days because of observance of the religious holiday will be treated as excused absences. In addition, no student will be required to participate in or attend College events such as athletic contests, concerts, or outside lectures on these holidays.

The Office of the Dean of the College will include the dates of these major religious holidays on the academic calendars that are distributed to the faculty and published on the College’s Web site. These calendars will indicate those instances in which the religious holiday begins on the previous evening.

Students whose conscientious religious observance requires their absence on days other than or in addition to those named above may make use of the following procedure prior to the holiday: The student should submit written notification of the pending religious holiday to his or her Commons dean at least one week before the holiday. The Commons dean will then inform the instructors of the student’s courses that the absence on the religious holiday will be regarded as an excused one. Under these circumstances, a student missing an examination will be permitted to take a makeup exam without penalty, and a student with a paper due on a religious holiday will be permitted to submit that paper on the day immediately following the holiday, again without penalty.

Review¬†an Interfaith Calendar, with definitions of each holiday, from the Harvard Divinity School.

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