Students at all three Bread Loaf campuses can order textbooks through Middlebury’s Virtual Bookstore, beginning in early March.

Please read the instructions below before accessing the virtual bookstore. During the summer session, the campus bookstores do not carry any textbooks.

Students will receive ordering information for Middlebury’s virtual bookstore in the spring.

Please Note: Books will be mailed directly to your home address. Orders placed after June 15th, however, may be mailed directly to the campus address. Courses without required textbooks will not be listed within the virtual bookstore. Course packs will continue to be processed through the Middlebury Bookstore and Bread Loaf will notify you if your course requires one.

If you have questions or difficulty accessing the site, please email the College Bookstore.

Students should bring course texts with them; there are no campus bookstores, and local book shops might not have the necessary texts or editions.