Academic Requirements

Applicants will be expected to ‘demonstrate aptitude in biological and physical sciences during the undergraduate years, but not to the exclusion of the humanities and social sciences.’ Students aspiring to careers in health professions are not required to major in science. The following list of courses is currently recommended; however, professional school admissions requirements are based on one’s ability to demonstrate competency in a variety of ways. 

Recommended Coursework for All Allied Health Professions

Semesters and Courses

4 - Chemistry w/ lab (Including general and organic chemistry)

2 - Biology or Neuroscience with a lab*

1 - Psychology

1 - Math

1 - Statistics

2 - Physics with a lab

1 - Biochemistry**

2 - English or College Writing

*The AMCAS Course Classification Guide provides examples of how courses are often categorized.

**In our experience, most medical schools have accepted Middlebury’s Biochemistry of Macromolecules as fulfilling the biochemistry requirement, even in the absence of a lab.

See Sample of Courses Frequently Taken Here 

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