Health Professions Committee Timeline

Dates are listed for students interested in applying for 2025 matriculation and plan to go through the Health Professions Committee (HPC) process during the 2023-2024 academic year.


*If you went through the HPC review process previously, you’ll join the timeline below in mid-spring. Reach out to Mary Lothrop to discuss how your candidacy has improved and to let the team know you’ll be applying this cycle.

**If you are a prospective early assurance program candidate, please reach out to Hannah Benz before beginning this process.


NOVEMBER 2023 :: Self-Assessment

The first step in the internal health professions committee review process is a required self-assessment. In the weeks after your submission, a health professions advisor will reach out to talk through your self-assessment and help you determine when your application is maximally ready for HPC review. 


DECEMBER 2023 :: HPC Registration

  • Review the MCAT schedule to plan your testing date. 
  • Open a veCollect account - Middlebury HPC reviews all application material via veCollect.
    • Register for access with this link to connect your account to Middlebury College.
    • Select Vermont from the dropdown.
    • Select Middlebury College from the dropdown.
    • Complete the registration form, choosing a login and password, to create your account. You will receive an e-mail that includes a link to activate your account and takes you to the Applicant “dashboard.”
    • On the Applicant dashboard, read the detailed instructions under the ‘For Applicants’ tab in order to understand the steps involved in requesting letters of recommendation (LOR’s).
  • Upload a .pdf of your headshot to veCollect and verify that it’s visible and labeled ‘Headshot.’ (Your photo does not need to be by a professional photographer, it is for internal use only.)
    • Document upload instructions here.
  • Review the AAMC 15 Core Competencies and identify at least 2 letter writers (with at least ONE letter being from a science faculty who taught you in a biology, chemistry, physics, neuroscience, or math course) who will submit strong letters of support for review by the Committee by the Jan 15th deadline.
    • veCollect Letter Request Instructions here.
  • Dec 15th: HPC 2024 Registration Form submission deadline.

Following completion of the self-assessment/conversation with an HP advisor, you’ll receive a link for the HPC registration form. Submit the form if you’ve decided to proceed through the 2023-2024 Health Professions Committee review process (for an August 2025 matriculation to medical school). 

NOTE: Middlebury College policy grants students and alumni a single opportunity for review and endorsement by the Health Professions Committee (HPC). Completing this form initiates your ONE TIME through HPC review. Once you submit the form, you will no longer be eligible for review in a future cycle. Going through HPC review does not obligate you to apply for August 2025 matriculation.


JANUARY 2024 :: HPC File Completion


FEBRUARY 2024 :: HPC Interviews

  • HPC Interviews are conducted between January 15th - March 15th, once a candidate file is complete.
    • These interviews will be via Zoom, should feel conversational, and will typically be 30-45 minutes long.
    • Candidates will be evaluated using the HPC Interview Rubric.
    • Here are some interview resources from the AAMC. More resources can also be found below in the Fall/Winter portion of the timeline.


MARCH 2024 :: SJTs

  • If the schools you’re planning to apply to require that you complete a Situational Judgment Test (SJT), plan to do so in the spring. Begin familiarizing yourself now and read more here.


APRIL 2024 :: MCAT

  • Finalize MCAT Testing.
  • Work on Application Materials.
    • Incorporate HPC feedback on application materials.
    • Download the AMCAS application material from the AAMC website.


MAY 2024 :: School List

  • AMCAS application opens for review. Tutorials and resources are available below under primary applications.
  • Draft School List.


JUNE 2024 :: Primary Applications


SUMMER 2024 :: Secondary Applications


FALL 2024 / WINTER 2025:: Interview Period

  • When you receive an interview offer, please submit this Interview Offers Form (resubmit for each subsequent interview)

Interviews at professional schools:


SPRING 2025 :: If Accepted/Waitlisted

Congratulations on your acceptances!

You should feel very proud of your waitlist acceptance(s)! That is no small feat. While it can be frustrating to be left ‘in limbo,’ receiving a waitlist letter ultimately means that the admissions committee(s) evaluated your application and confirmed that your background and experience are a good fit for their program, which is good news. If you are needing support around what to do with the waitlist, you’re welcome to reach out by e-mail.


LATE SUMMER 2025 :: Matriculation!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Keep us informed when you can, we’d love to hear how you are doing. Also, if you are willing to become an alumni contact for future applicants to your school, please contact us.

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