Tips for Visiting Colleges

Middlebury Campus

  • A campus visit is a great way to learn about the culture of a college campus and really investigate the programs that interest you. Most visits include an information session, a campus tour, and possibly an interview. At some colleges it’s possible to spend a night or attend a class. Be sure to look into the opportunities available when planning your visit and register early.
  • Give yourself time to wander the campus and surrounding area, eat a meal in a dining hall, sit in on a class, attend an event, or meet up with a graduate from your high school who is now attending the college.
  • Student newspapers and other publications are excellent ways to learn about current issues at the college. Ask your tour guide or other students you meet on campus to share their opinions on these issues. 
  • Strike up conversations with students, professors, or staff members on campus. If you have the opportunity, ask questions about what they love at the college and what has been a disappointment.
  •  Note the culture of campus. Do people offer to help if you look lost? Do people make eye contact as you pass them on campus? Are students engaged in learning? Do they seem happy? Does this culture match what you are looking for in college?
  • Take time after your visit to record your impressions! After several visits to different colleges, you may find it difficult to keep track of the features, programs, and people you most enjoyed or disliked at each place.

Links for Visiting Middlebury
Register for an information session and/or tour

Search the course schedule for a class to visit. Keep in mind that classes at the 100 or 200 level are most appropriate. Please arrive a few minutes before class, or email the professor in advance to ask permission, as there may be an exam planned or other reason why it would be best not to have visitors that day.

Middlebury's interview policy

Tips if You Can't Visit

Sometimes it is not possible to visit a college that you’d like to know more about. Here are some ways to learn more without ever stepping foot on campus:

  • Explore the college’s website and look for virtual tours and interactive maps. You can also use Google maps to get a better sense of the surrounding areas and points of interest.
  • Be sure to fill out the college’s online inquiry form to indicate your interest in the institution and receive email updates. You can also follow the college on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Look for the student newspaper online to keep up with things happening on campus. And many colleges maintain a link to “ask a student” if you want to know more about what you’ve read.
  • Investigate fly-in programs through college admission offices if your family finances are preventing you from visiting.
  • During the fall and the spring, admissions counselors often travel to different high schools to offer information sessions and sometimes conduct interviews. Be sure to follow the schedule of admissions counselors visiting your high school. You may also be able to meet an admissions counselor at local college fairs.
  • Accept the invitation to interview with an alumnus or admissions counselor in your area. Most college websites will outline their interview policies and opportunities on their websites. An interview is a great opportunity to express your interest and learn more about the college. 

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