Winter Term Off-Campus Information

Non-Credit Option:

If you do not need the credit, then you must register for the Winter Term opt-out course.  

Credit-Bearing Options:

Internships:  contact the Center for Careers and Internships.

Independent Projects: If the project is unrelated to your major, apply to the Curriculum Committee by contacting Kathleen Parent from Academic Affairs (email: phone: x2207). Independent work proposed through a student's major must be approved by the chair or director of that department or program (these proposals do not need to be submitted to the Curriculum Committee).

Short-Term Study Abroad Programs: contact International Programs
for more information and application information.  See additional information below.


GENERAL GUIDELINES for credit for Winter Term study abroad programs:

  • The program/course must meet a minimum of 4 complete weeks (regardless of the total number of meeting hours) to earn a maximum of one unit of Middlebury credit.  The program/course must meet for at least the same number of hours, over the four weeks, as an equivalent Middlebury course.  Programs/courses that meet more than 36 hours will NOT receive additional credit.

  • Only a program/course that meets the definition of “liberal arts,” and receives a grade of C- or better, may be applied to the Middlebury College degree.

  • Programs/courses graded on a pass/fail or audit basis are NOT transferable.

  • The grade earned will appear on your Middlebury transcript and will be counted in your GPA.

  • The transcript reflecting work completed must be from an accredited institution of higher education.



Students must apply for pre-approval for J-term study abroad programs:

Contact International Programs for application information.