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Enrico Bernard

Italian School Faculty

Enrico Bernard is editor of Autori e drammaturgie, the first encyclopedia of Italian contemporary theatre. He has written 22 plays, of which 12 have been staged and several have been translated into German, French and English. In 1992, he founded the "Teatro S-naturalista" writing its "Manifesto", which has been recognized on the website of Dario Fo and Franca Rame.  In 1998, he made a film based on his work "Un mostro di nome Lila,” which was a synthesis between cinema, theater, and eroticism and caused quite a sensation at the Locarno Film Festival. In 2001, his film "Il giuoco dei sensi" was released and shown at the Italian Alternative Film Festival and presented at the University of Bologna as an example of the exploitation of modern digital technologies in the transposition from theatre to cinema. Bernard is the author of the story and screenplay for Franco Nero's 2005 film "Forever blues." He has translated many works into Italian, including the German literature of Ludwig Tieck, von Chamisso, Eckermann and Grabbe. Several of his poetic works and essays have been published in Italian literary reviews. He has also written a novel on the life of the conquistador.