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The Master in Italian is designed as a broadly based program of study in itself, rather than as the first stage of a doctoral program. You may choose to earn your Master in Italian in one of the following ways:

  • Four summers in Vermont
  • Two summers in Vermont and an academic year in Florence
  • One summer in Vermont and an accelerated academic year in Florence


For master’s students studying for four summers in Vermont, credits must include the following:

  • Two courses in Italian civilization and culture
  • Three language/linguistics courses
  • 6560 Literary Analysis
  • Three literature courses (6560 may not be counted as one of these)
  • Three electives (candidates preparing for a teaching career are advised to take at least one course in the area of professional preparation)
  • Symposium presentation (assessment requirement)

For students studying in Vermont with an academic year in Florence, please consult the distribution requirements for the specializations.

See locations for more information and graduate course listings.


You have several options for completing your master’s degree.

OPTION 1 4 summers (6 weeks each) Italian School, Vermont
OPTION 2 1 summer (6 weeks) Italian School, Vermont

+ 1 academic year Middlebury School in Florence

+ 1 summer (6 weeks) Italian School, Vermont
OPTION 3 1 summer (6 weeks) Italian School, Vermont

+ 1 academic year (accelerated) Middlebury School in Florence


Choose to concentrate in one or two of the following master’s specializations:

  • General Studies in Italian
  • Literary Studies
  • Language and Linguistics
  • Pedagogy, Methodology, and Curriculum Development
  • Culture
  • Mass Media, Communications, and Cinema
  • Italian American Studies (available only to students studying four summers in Vermont)
  • Mediterranean Studies

Read more details about our specializations.