All students accepted to the Master in Italian begin the degree during an initial summer of candidacy on the Vermont campus.

After successfully completing the summer master’s program, a student is officially recognized as a candidate for the Master of Arts in Italian degree. Following the initial summer, students may choose to continue their studies in Vermont or spend an academic year in Florence.

Course Requirements

Twelve units of credit, minimum grade in each course is B-. One unit equals three semester hours.

Flexible Timeframe

Students have ten years to complete the MA degree. All credits toward a Middlebury MA (earned at Middlebury or as transfer credits) expire ten years after the study was completed. For example, courses taken during the summer of 2020 will no longer be valid toward a Middlebury degree as of August 2030.

Course Options

Course offerings vary by location. Please see Vermont courses and Florence courses.

Transfer Credit

After the initial summer, MA degree candidates may transfer up to three courses toward the degree. A transfer course must meet certain requirements and be approved in advance (before the course is taken) by the director and registrar. This option excludes the Applied Languages degree.

Language Pledge

At Middlebury, studying a language means more than the pursuit of linguistic fluency. Middlebury’s Language Pledge®, the agreement to speak only Italian during your time in the Master in Italian, helps to create a unique immersion environment designed to support independent exploration, maximize language acquisition, and foster the cultural understanding you need to thrive in the classroom and in the Italian-speaking world.