After successfully completing three units at the summer Italian Language School, including a 600-level literature course, master’s degree candidates begin the academic year in Florence. 

Students choose from semester-long courses in linguistics, literature, history, art and other disciplines at the Sede, course offerings at the Università degli Studi di Firenze. Students will also complete an independent research project. After consultation with the director, students define their course of study and decide on a specialization. Students must fulfill the distribution requirements indicated for the specialization that they have chosen.

Courses at the Middlebury Sede

Courses at the Sede Capponi are organized by Middlebury College for its own students. Students select courses based on their specializations in either the M.A. in Italian or the M.A. in Applied Languages in Italian.

Fall 2023 Courses

Courses at the Università degli Studi di Firenze

Courses at the Università degli Studi di Firenze deepen students’ intellectual and linguistic growth while providing additional opportunities for social immersion. Each course requires approximately six contact hours per week.

Students are subject to both the privileges and restrictions established by the university administration. 

A course in an Italian university is usually a series of lectures or seminars to guide students in their study and preparation for a final comprehensive oral examination. Certain courses may also require a paper or a written exam prior to the oral examination.

Courses at the university involve classroom instruction as well as independent preparation of critical readings, texts, etc. assigned by the docente. Classroom instruction is only one aspect of the examination.

Independent Research Project

The independent research paper is based in part on course work done during the preceding summer or during the first semester in Florence. Permission may be granted to write a paper on other topics under the supervision of a faculty member. The paper (40-50 pages) should demonstrate a high level of written control of the language as well as critical and analytical skills. Once completed students prepare a final oral defense of their work in front of a project committee.