Stephen Blackwood Small, MA '16

The Italian School brings people of all types together, for the same purpose--to study Italian language and culture. "I was fortunate enough to join an incredible group of scholars, artists, and individuals from around the world who are united by one thing: a passion for Italy and for the Italian language...I benefitted from the extraordinary support and guidance of my professors, thesis advisor, and the staff and faculty of the Italian School during my year abroad in Florence. I am grateful to all of them for the many things I learned...and for the skills that I continue to employ today. I also participated in an internship at the U.S. Consulate General in Florence. This was an opportunity that allowed me to combine my interests in Italy, politics, and foreign languages and to get to know Florence from a perspective that I might otherwise not have had the chance to experience. I was able to learn about the daily life of a Foreign Service Officer and not only participate in but also contribute to the work of the U.S. Diplomatic Mission to Italy. As a direct result of this experience, I hope to pursue a career in public service."

Alessia Blad

Alessia Blad

Instructor of Italian, University of Notre Dame

Why would a native speaker of Italian and university instructor come to Middlebury to study Italian? Ask Alessia Blad. “What I am learning here is so unexpected,” says Alessia. “The other day, my friends and I were all discussing what we had learned in class about a 19th-century Italian author. How is it possible that we were all so taken by the conversation in class that we had to take it outside, and even to the dinner table? Here you get the best of the best and you get to pick and choose.”

Camille Lina

Camille Musette Lina

BA, Human Development
University of California, San Diego

After spending a year abroad in Florence, Camille Lina feels prepared for numerous options in the language field. "It was one of the best experiences of my entire life," Camille says. "I lived with an Italian family, so I was immersed in the culture. And I interned for a business that does marketing and communications sponsorships and fundraising to promote Tuscan products."

The dedication of the Middlebury faculty made a big difference for Camille. "I've taken classes at a few other universities, and the professors just weren't as excited about teaching and sharing the language and culture. The difference with Middlebury is that the teachers really want to be here."

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