Middlebury Language School Graduate Programs


MA Program Tracks

Candidates for the MA in Italian can earn their degree by either completing four summers on the Vermont campus; an initial summer in Vermont, an academic year in Florence, and a final summer in Vermont; or an initial summer in Vermont, followed by one year of accelerated study in Florence.

The MA degree consists of 12 courses or units. Successful completion of a six-week summer session on the Vermont campus (the "summer of candidacy") is required before a student can be officially confirmed as a degree candidate. During the required preliminary summer in Vermont, students normally take three courses/units.

Admission Requirements
• Applicants must hold a BA or its equivalent and must have completed course work equivalent to a major in Italian and be able to demonstrate this level of linguistic proficiency.

• All students must complete an initial summer in the Italian School on the Middlebury, Vermont campus in order to qualify for degree candidacy.

• The GRE is not required.

"Non-degree" students (e.g., candidates for degrees at other institutions or individuals who want to take advanced courses in Italian) are also welcome to apply.

Degree Requirements
•  Successful completion of 12 course units

Program Options
•  1 summer in Vermont and 1 academic year of accelerated study in Florence
•  1 summer in Vermont, 1 academic year in Florence, and a final summer in Vermont
•  4 summers on the campus in Vermont

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