The MA in Spanish can be earned in a variety of ways.

At Middlebury, studying a language means more than the pursuit of linguistic fluency. Our graduate students approach their studies with intention—building language skills and cultural awareness in preparation for a future in business, government, academia, public health, and dozens of other fields. The program offers the flexibility you need to earn an MA in Spanish while pursuing your career goals-whatever those goals might be.

Students have many options to earn the MA degree:

1. Attend four 6-week summer sessions in Vermont.

2. Attend one 6-week summer in Vermont, one academic year in Madrid, and a final 6-week summer in Vermont.

3. Attend the initial 6-week summer session in Vermont with a choice of either Vermont or Buenos Aires in the remaining 3 summers of study. (Priority is given to students in their last year, followed by 3rd year students, and then 2nd year students if space is still available.  DML students completing their residency abroad requirement and 2nd language DML students will have top priority, as well.)

4. Attend one 6-week summer session in Vermont and an accelerated academic year in Madrid.

Choose from intensive courses in political science, literature, Spanish and Latin American culture, and pedagogy, all supported by the Language Pledge. This agreement to speak only Spanish during your time in the program helps to create a unique immersion environment designed to support independent exploration, maximize language acquisition, and foster the cultural understanding you need to thrive in the classroom and in the Spanish-speaking world. Outside the classroom, you will build your language skills and cultural understanding through a variety of cocurricular activities.

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