Graduate courses for the School of Spanish in Buenos Aires.

Explore our course catalog. The following courses have been offered in past years.

SPAN 6606A - Introduction to Spanish Linguistics

SPAN 6609A - Subjunctive in Spanish

SPAN 6613A - Tango: Nation & Identity

SPAN 6635A - Latin American Contemporary Art

SPAN 6645A - Argentine Cinema

SPAN 6657A - Violence & Culture; Moments in Argentine History

SPAN 6658A - Literature and Violence in Latin America

SPAN 6688A - Voices and Margins: Contemporary Iberoamerican Poetry Written by Women

SPAN 6705A - Discourse Analysis: Markers and Textual Types

SPAN 6709A - Discourse Analysis in Spanish

SPAN 6725A - Monsters in Latin American Fiction

SPAN 6732A - Latin American Cultural Theories

SPAN 6740A - Pop Culture in Argentina

SPAN 6741A - Urban Fiction of Buenos Aires

SPAN 6747A - Argentine History

SPAN 6749A - Spanish in the World

SPAN 6763A - Marked Bodies

SPAN 6799A - Teaching Literature in the SSL Classroom