Program Options

Degree Requirements

The MA degree consists of 12 courses or units. Successful completion of a six-week summer session on the Vermont campus (the "summer of candidacy") is required before a student can be officially confirmed as a degree candidate. During the required preliminary summer in Vermont, students normally take three courses/units.

Program Options

•  1 summer in Vermont and 1 academic year of accelerated study in Madrid
•  1 summer in Vermont, 1 academic year in Madrid, and a final summer in Vermont
•  4 summers on the campus in Vermont
•  An initial summer in Vermont and a choice of either Vermont or Buenos Aires in the remaining 3 summers of study, with priority given to students in their last year, followed by 3rd year students, and then 2nd year students if space is still available.  DML students completing their residency abroad requirement and 2nd language DML students will have top priority, as well.

For students choosing to study in Madrid, there are two options listed above. The first option is to complete all your course work by the end of the academic year. This involves taking a total of nine courses in Madrid—five in one semester and four in the other. While this option allows students to complete all the degree requirements in one year, some find the course load of this accelerated track to be very challenging. The second option, strongly recommended for students who have placed at the 501 level, and also advisable for those who need more time for research and study, is to take a total of six courses (three each semester) while in Spain, and then to return for another summer either in Vermont or at our site in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Both the first and second options result in graduation on the same date—in August of the year following admission to the program. Students who choose the intensive option, however, will effectively be finished with their course work by the end of May, leaving their second summer free, while students who elect to pursue the second option will complete their requirements just prior to graduation. Please be aware that Middlebury charges full tuition even for lesser course loads. Financial aid is available for qualified, full-time students.

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