Summer Session in Vermont

The Spanish School has adapted to meet the needs of an ever-changing population of people interested in honing their Spanish linguistic abilities. Courses in political culture, instructional technology, second language acquisition, film, and the arts prepare graduate students for travel, study, and work abroad, as well as for increased facility in the Spanish language and grounding in the Hispanic culture here at home.

The goal in both the curricular and the cocurricular activities is to equip students for the future through active engagement at all levels of sophistication and across a wide range of areas. In the years during and after the Spanish Civil War, the School was an important bastion of free Spanish thought and discourse. Today it honors its intellectual and cultural heritage with a commitment to academic inquiry and the celebration of language and life throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

The palabra de honor (the Language Pledge, a commitment to speak to other students and faculty only in Spanish throughout the summer), combined with the carefully crafted array of courses and activities, allows for significant progress and often stunning results in overall communicative competence and academic achievement that substantially exceed the impact of ordinary course work.


The School of Spanish

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Middlebury College
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Audrey LaRock, Coordinator
6-week Program

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