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Esther Hernández



Esther Hernández, from Havana, Cuba, received her M.A. in Theater and Dramaturgy from the Instituto Superior de Arte-University of the Arts in Havana, Cuba, and her M.A in Hispanic Literature and Linguistics from California State University of Los Angeles, California. She has taught Theatrical Analysis, Methodology of Theatrical Research and Theory of Drama in Cuba and Mexico, as well as Film Semiotics at the School of Cinema and TV of the Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana. An actor, director and playwright, she has directed and performed in Latin America and Europe and has published numerous articles in journals and theater magazines. Currently she is teaching Spanish Language, Writing, Drama and Literature courses at Claremont McKenna College, California. From 2002 to 2010, she served as the Curator of FITLA, the International Latino Theater Festival of Los Angeles.



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SPAN 3411 - Stylistics      

This course is designed for those students who need to develop their writing production skills, and who are making the transition from fourth-semester (Intermediate) to Advanced coursework in Spanish. Throughout the course, students shall analyze different discursive genres (text types), establish the base from which to improve their syntax, learn orthographical rules, refine their use of discursive connectors, and expand their vocabulary. The main goal is for the students to create their own texts intended for different communicative objectives, and acquire the necessary tools to develop their own style in Spanish writing. (1 unit)

Required text: Material in electronic format will be made available upon arrival at Middlebury.

Summer 2011, Summer 2012, Summer 2013, Summer 2014 Language Schools

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SPAN 3431 - Hispanic Cult through Theater      

Hispanic Culture through Theater /Performance

The course combines the study of theatrical Spanish texts with the practice of some acting and performing skills. The class explores various theatrical styles and schools, analyzing their chronological development and examining how they relate to Hispanic culture, history and traditions. The students will also put into practice some of the creative techniques that integrate the theatrical panorama of Ibero-American theater. Taking the “performer's place” should provide the students with self-confidence and independence in the use of the language, considering that they have to perform and even improvise theatrical scenes. (1 unit)

Required text: Materials in electronic or photocopy form to be made available upon arrival at Middlebury.

Summer 2011, Summer 2012, Summer 2013, Summer 2014 Language Schools

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