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Dolores Lima


Dolores Lima,from Buenos Aires, Argentina, received her M.A. in Spanish American Literature from the University of Maryland in 2003. She has taught Spanish Language, Culture and Literature courses at Southern Connecticut State University, Montgomery College and the University of Maryland. In 2007, she was appointed Assistant to the Language Program Director at the University of Maryland, where she is also responsible for teaching and course development for all offerings for Native and Heritage Learners of Spanish. She is a PhD candidate at the University of Maryland specializing in Twentieth Century Southern Cone Literature. She is currently working on her dissertation titled Contra la representación: topografías de lo real en las propuestas narrativas de Macedonio Fernández, Antonio Di Benedetto y César Aira, that explores the concept of non representational narratives from XX century Argentinean writers.



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SPAN 3301 - Adv Intermed SP in Context      

Advanced Intermediate Spanish in Context

This course will stress the expansion of the student's active vocabulary and language skills at the third-year level. Classroom activities will center on a thorough review of the most important aspects of Spanish grammar, as well as active oral use of the language. The oral exercises will expose students to extended discourse and will develop content and context as appropriate for students moving from the intermediate to the advanced proficiency levels. The grammar explanations will be complemented by extensive oral and written exercises in contextualized and communication-based activities. This approach, together with the other courses taught at the third-year level as well as the linguistic experiences the student has outside of the classroom, will provide immediate reinforcement of new structures and are intended to maximize the student's linguistic competence. This course meets for two hours each day. (1 unit)

Required text: García-Serrano, De la Torre and Grant-Cash, ¡A que sí/! (4th edition, text + SAM + audio) (Cengage, 2013).

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