Middlebury Language School Graduate Programs


José Luis Herrero Ingelmo, from Spain, earned his Ph.D. at the Universidad de Salamanca. He is professor of Spanish at the Universidad de Salamanca, where he served for several years as the Assistant Director of Cursos Internacionales (International Programs). He is also a professor for the M.A. in Spanish Language and Culture of the Universidad de Salamanca in Atlanta (Georgia), and for the "Diploma in Hispanic Studies" in Salamanca. He has been a member of the Executive Committee for the Certification System of Spanish as a Foreign Language (SICELE) and for the Laboratory of Computer Linguistics at the University of Paris XIII. He is a specialist in lexicography and history of the language. He has published "Las palabras cultas en el Renacimiento español" and other works on the history of lexical Spanish ("Cultismos, americanismos y neologismos en la poesía de Mario Benedetti"), on toponymy and dialectology ("El leonés en Salamanca cien años después"). He has edited, among other books, Reprovación de las supersticiones y hechizerías de Pedro Ciruelo (originally published in Salamanca, 1538).