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MiddView App

You can download the Middebury College Mobile App (available at the end of August) directly to your Apple or Android Device. Find the app by typing "Middlebury College Mobile App" in the iTunes or the Google App search bar. Once you have located the app, simply tap on it to display its detail screen and click the blue price button next to the app to download it.

Upon downloading the app, open it to view the Middlebury College Mobile homepage. Select the icon  "MiddView," located on the far right of the last row. 

The MiddView App is your go-to for all things orientation-related. In it, you can find information about what to do upon your arrival to campus, access your schedule, and view your First Year Seminar locations, gear information, and Optional Activites. You will also receive updates through the MiddView app, such as rain locations for events or any changes that may arise throughout the week. 

You may also use the maps feature at the bottom of the app to get to all of your orientation events on time!

Have a stress-free MiddView by using the MiddView App!