What to Bring

Packing up the car? The cardboard boxes to ship? Making a list of what you'll need to buy once you get here? Be sure to check out the resources below before you toss out your winter coat to make room for your PS3...


Your Room: What You Need

Here is a list of other items that you may want to bring or acquire upon arrival:

  • Linens:

    • Twin XL (80”) Sheets, Comforter, Pillows, Blanket(s) and Mattress Pad

    • Towels (two is ideal, one to use while washing another!)

  • Odds and Ends:

    • Study lamp and/or floor lamp with light bulbs

    • Small area rug or carpet remnant up to 16 x 10 feet in size

    • Hangers

    • Power Strips (instead of extension cords) with surge protection

    • Posters, Pictures, Flags and other decorations that can be affixed to the wall without using nails (Command Hooks are a great option)

  • Tech:

    • Cell Phone

      • We find Verizon, AT&T Wireless and Sprint offer the best reception and service plans for the Middlebury area. For details on coverage and plans, see the company’s website.

    • Computer

      • Both Windows and Apple computers are supported on campus, and you are strongly encouraged to purchase one of the systems recommended by Middlebury. The College Bookstore sells Apple computers which incoming students are eligible to purchase at an "education discount". Please consult with the Helpdesk staff at 802-443-2200 to discuss the recommended configurations for student computer systems, and review the information on our Web site: go.middlebury.edu/computers

    • Ethernet Cord

      • For the fastest network connection and best experience, use an Ethernet cable and plug into the red jack in your residential hall room (or the Data jack in some dorms).

  • Dress:

    • Dress is mostly informal, but you will need to "dress up" on occasion. Generally, students wear jeans, T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters and casual pants or skirts. The winter months (December through February) bring some cold days and sometimes subzero temperatures. You will need a very warm winter coat, a hat, scarf, mittens, socks, boots and sweaters. At Middlebury, students often sacrifice style for warmth and comfort.
Your Room: What is Provided

Double rooms are typically 20 feet by 12 feet. Each of the following is provided:

  • An extra-long twin bed (36” x 80”), mattresses are extra-long, 80-inch, twin mattresses

  • Closet

  • Desk & Desk chair

  • Bookshelf

  • Waste basket & recycling bin

  • Dresser

  • Whiteboard on the door exterior

  • Face mirror (some but not all rooms come with full-length as well)

Your Room: What You Can Buy On Campus

The College Bookstore offers a wide range of products and services to ease your transition into dorm room living.

  • Panther Dorm Shop offers dorm supplies, including towels & sheets, rugs, fridges, etc.  The College Bookstore will be setting up the shop on September 5th for Early Arrival and MiddView (Orientation).

  • Residence Hall Linens offers college bedding at more reasonable prices, which can be delivered directly to campus. If you choose to order linens from Residence Hall Linens before August 19th, please ship them to the bookstore, where you can pick them up upon arrival to campus.  

  • Apple Campus Store and Certified Apple Tech are located in the bookstore year-round offering apple products, some at educational discount prices.

When purchasing items at the bookstore, be sure to register for Panther Points, a rewards program that offers one point for every dollar you spend in person or online. These points can be used toward any bookstore merchandise, including new and used textbooks!


Your Room: Buying Locally

The business community of Addison County, in which Middlebury College resides, works hard to meet the needs of college students by providing many helpful items locally. By purchasing products from Addison County businesses, you contribute to a thriving local economy, support the strong relationship between the College and the community, and reduce the need to pack, ship and transport excess items. For a complete list of local retailers, click here.

Your Room: What You Can Share with a Roommate
  • Fridge

    • At the beginning of each semester the bookstore will have new and used refrigerators for purchase.

    • There are also refrigerators in the kitchenettes of every dorm open for common use.

  • Microwave

    • Some students prefer to bring their own, however there are microwaves available in the kitchenettes of every dorm open for common use.

  • Speakers & Digital Camera

    • The college library has these available for one-day rental.

  • Printer

    • Printers are available for student use in many buildings across campus.

    • Each Middlebury student is allotted a printing quota and if necessary you can purchase additional funds for printing as needed.

Bikes and Cars
  • Parking on campus is limited, and often quite far from first-year residence halls. Most businesses in town are within a short walk from the campus. Zipcar, ride sharing and carpooling are also common, so think strategically about whether having your car on campus will be worthwhile.
  • While cars are permitted, they must be registered with the Department of Public Safety. To begin the registration process before you arrive, login to BannerWeb with your license and registration information and fill out the form titled "Register Your Vehicle." Students with vehicles will need to pick up their parking permit upon arrival on campus.
  • If you choose to bring a bicycle to campus, you must also register it with the Department of Public Safety through BannerWeb. Indoor bicycle storage is available over breaks.
    • It is reccomended that you also bring a lock for your bicycle.
Items that are NOT Allowed
  • Halogen lights

  • Christmas lights

    • Rope lights encased in a tube ARE permitted.
  • Candles, incense, and any devices that create open flames

  • Electrical appliances with exposed heating elements such as toasters, heaters, and hot plates.

    • Only irons with automatic shutoff mechanisms are allowed in rooms.

  • Pets

    • Only sanctioned support animals for people with disabilities, such as "seeing eye" dogs, and small animals (e.g., fish and hamsters) kept in appropriate aquariums or small cages at all times are permitted in the residence halls. Visit the Student Accessability Services website for more information. 

    • Snakes and ferrets, even if caged, are not allowed in residence halls at any time.

Here at Middlebury we are increasing our use of renewable energy and improving energy conservation to reach our goal of carbon neutrality by 2016! This huge undertaking involves participation from students, staff, and faculty from across the college.

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