Summer Employment for students is processed separately from academic year employment.

This may mean that you complete this process for the academic year as well as the summer if a student will be continually employed. The steps below must be completed before a student begins work.

Review general Summer Employment information. 

Post Your Position

You must post your summer position on Workable. You can post your position at any time by completing the Requisition request found at the following link, here.  

Complete the Hire Action

Due April 20th

Once you have identified your summer employee you must move their application to “student hired” via Workable.  Please be sure to complete the required fields accurately, including the start date field and the field that allows you to indicate whether a student will be working on campus or remotely. Remote work is only available for students located within the United States.

Sign Remote Work Agreement

Due May 10
If applicable, both you and the student employee  will receive a Remote Work Agreement to complete. This provides SEO with the information needed to ensure the record is set up correctly. The document is sent via Adobe Sign with an automatic workflow that routes it from student, then to supervisor, ending with SEO for Review.