Summer 2023

Information regarding 2023 Summer Employment is still being finalized.  Please check back often as we continue to update information as it becomes available.

Please remember that summer work is processed separately from academic year and student employees must be processed via Workable regardless of if the employment is a continuation from the academic year or new. Workable hire process must be completed before work begins.



Unless restricted by certain visa status, all students with an active status for the semester are eligible for jobs on campus. 

Students on leave or withdrawn are not eligible to work in student employment positions, including summer, until the semester in which they return. If you are currently withdrawn or on leave you are eligible to be employed in staff positions only.  You may find all current opens at the the following link- Middlebury Career Board.

Students are not eligible to work remotely from International locations.

On Campus Work

Students may work in person, on campus, for summer of 2023. Housing and Dining has limited availability and you can find more information below.

Folks who begin work in their summer position prior to May 31st and reside on campus are considered early arrivals and must adhere to academic year policies.

Remote Work

Students are eligible to work remotely as long as they are located within the United States, work from international locations is not permissible. Faculty who are interested in internationally located Research Assistants should contact URO for non-employment options.

Folks who begin work in their summer position prior to May 31st are considered early arrivals and must adhere to academic year policies.

  • Remote employees must be located within the United States. 
  • Duties, obligations and responsibilities must be achievable by remote work.
  • must not exceed 40 hours of work across all remote positions.
  • Student employees working remotely, and their supervisors, will receive a remote work agreement that must be completed to maintain accurate work records. 

Summer Hiring Proposals are due by April 24th

On Campus Housing

Students must work a minimum of 30 hours per week to qualify for housing. This may be a combination of remote and in-person positions.

Summer Housing is available from June 10th to August 19th. Similar to last summer, there are specific arrival windows available.

  • June 10th and 11th
  • June 24th and 25th
  • July 7th and 8th
  • July 22nd and 23rd

Housing may become limited so it is important that Workable hire information is received by the April 24th deadline.

Please contact with any questions related to housing.

Financial aid grant recipients during 22/23 academic year


Not a financial aid grant recipient during academic year


Summer Dining

Dining Halls will be open June 18th to August 19th.

A meal plan is not required for those living on campus.

Dining offers unlimited meals for 150$ per week.

Summer meal plans may be purchased by contacting Dining Services directly by email or at extension 5346.

Processing Requirements for Supervisors

Supervisors should review information about Supervising Summer Employees, which includes processing requirements for summer employment.

Every student hired to work for Middlebury College between Graduation and the first day of Fall classes must apply via Workable and be hired by their supervisor. This is required for ANY AND ALL summer jobs. To qualify for a summer student employment position (non-SRA) you must be registered for Fall term. The hiring proposal must be submitted by April 24th.

Note: Recent graduates cannot work in a student position. Please visit the staff job opportunities page on the college website for available staff positions. For information on hiring a recent graduate please contact Human Resources at

Students will receive a confirmation email regarding their summer employment dates once the hire data is processed. 

Find a Summer Job

Visit the Middlebury College Career Board, here,  to search for on campus summer opportunities (additional jobs will appear as they become available). All summer jobs must be posted by Supervisors on Workable and students must apply. Your application is required in order for the Supervisor to submit the required hire data. If you are currently in a position that will be rolling over to summer or have worked in the past, you must apply to a summer specific posting to allow for correct processing.

Summer Research

Faculty members with approved mentored faculty-student research positions must complete a Summer Research Assistant (SRA) form. This form confirms that the research meets the criteria outlined in the Policies and Procedures for Summer Research Assistants. The form for summer research assistants is due April 17th. Please reach out to the Undergraduate Research Office for more information.