Students must enter and submit their hours in the pay period in which those hours were worked.

The deadline for students to submit their timecards, and the deadline for supervisors to approve time cards, is 3pm on Monday of payroll weeks. We recommend that supervisors identify and communicate an earlier deadline with their student employees so that they have sufficient time to review and approve their student’s hours.

Note: Timecards can only be approved once the student has submitted them.

Supervisors will receive an email notification when a student employee submits their timecard approval.  Supervisors can approve the timecard directly from the email notification.

Once the deadline for a pay period has passed, any changes to a timecard or approvals will not be processed until the next pay period. This means that any timecard approved by a supervisor after 3 p.m. on Monday of Payroll weeks will not result in timely payment, regardless of if the employee submitted it on time or not.

If a student is unable to enter their hours into the timecard for the appropriate pay period in which those hours were worked, before the deadline, they can still submit the timecard with the understanding that it will not get processed until the next payroll cycle. This is called retroactive pay.

Similarly, if a student enters incorrect time and is paid, they can correct it at any time directly in the timecard for that specific pay period. The adjustment would be applied to the next paycheck.

It is the responsibility of the supervisor to review and approve their student’s time sheets by the deadline so that students are compensated accurately for the hours that they have worked.

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