Welcome to the Language Schools! 

We are delighted to have you here and excited for the summer of intensive language and culture learning ahead.  The challenges of the past year have affected all of us, but a high vaccination rate among our campus community and careful observance of health precautions should allow us to have a near-normal session—something we all deserve! 

I am writing to remind you about one of the most important elements of our COVID-19 protocol: proper use of face coverings. The current policy can always be found on the Campus Status web page.  Please consult the page frequently for any changes to current conditions and polices.  To remind you of the current rules for face coverings: 

  • Face coverings are required for all faculty, staff and students at the Language Schools Arrival Center.  
  • Once you have left the Arrival Center, well-fitting face coverings are required indoors for unvaccinated individuals, except when alone in a private space or work area, when eating or drinking (with physical distance from others), or when attending to personal hygiene needs. 
  • When outdoors, face coverings are only required for unvaccinated individuals when in a crowded place or when you are unable to avoid sustained or prolonged contact with others.   
  • Face coverings should be carried at all times in the event circumstances require their use. 

Please note that these polices may change once we have completed arrival testing and we have a clear sense of the campus status.  Please check for updates throughout the summer. 

Finally, I want to remind you that some students and employees may wish to continue to follow health and safety measures that have been part of daily life throughout the pandemic. We ask that you respect and support one another’s decisions. 

Best wishes for a safe and extraordinary summer,

Middlebury Language Schools