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Welcome to Middlebury Language Schools! We want to provide important instructions for a safe and productive summer.

We are confident that we can come together safely and effectively while following Middlebury’s COVID-19-related policies, which may change as circumstances dictate. We will continue to post updated policies and procedures.


Prior to arrival on campus, in accordance with Middlebury’s Covid-19 Vaccination Policy, all students, faculty, staff and eligible family members must be up to date with their COVID-19 vaccines unless they have approved medical or religious exemptions. In accordance with CDC guidance, “up to date” means that the person is fully vaccinated and that they have received a booster dose when eligible. 

Beginning in May, you will be required to provide relevant documentation for all doses in accordance with Middlebury’s policy. Students and employees must upload their vaccine documentation via the Sentry MD portal. You will need to use your email address for the uploading process. All returning students and employees (including Middlebury undergraduates) must upload a new copy of their vaccination record into Sentry MD to be compliant. 

Students seeking medical or religious exemptions submit their request through the Sentry MD Portal. Faculty & staff must submit requests for medical or religious exemptions by completing the Vaccination Exemption Request Form on the Human Resources forms page. 

For additional information for Middlebury College, please see the COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements. Follow appropriate CDC guidance: Stay Up to Date with Your COVID-19 Vaccines and COVID-19 Vaccines for People Vaccinated Outside the United States.

Pre-arrival Requirements  

It is critical to minimize any possible exposure before your arrival and do your best not to bring the virus to campus. Please follow the Prearrival Measures to Mitigate Risk of Exposure which includes when you should not come to campus.

Students/faculty are encouraged to bring rapid antigen tests with them to test as needed en route/on arrival if symptoms develop. Rapid antigen tests will also be available on campus. If conditions change, students and faculty should be prepared to do a 72 hour pre-arrival PCR test and/or PCR arrival test.

High risk individuals should consult with their healthcare provider to determine if Pre-Exposure Treatment with EVUSHELD is appropriate, and if so, arrange treatment prior to arrival at Middlebury. High risk individuals must have an evacuation plan and be prepared to consult with their own care provider as necessary. All participants should have an evacuation plan if the school needs to close suddenly due to a highly contagious and severe variant.

Face Covering Requirements  

All participants are required to follow Middlebury’s Face Covering Policy. Students and faculty will not be required to wear masks for the summer, unless conditions change. However, in the classroom, faculty members can require all students to wear masks.

Quarantine, Isolation and Testing Requirements  

All participants will follow Middlebury’s Contact Tracing, Isolation or In-Room Recovery, and Quarantine policies. Because of our limited isolation recovery capacity, you may need to recover in place depending on the situation even if you have a roommate. For employees and students on the Middlebury and Bennington campus, rapid antigen tests will be available on campus.

Students in quarantine or isolation will have an opportunity to continue their studies. Students who prefer to isolate elsewhere may travel off-campus, but only by car (not public transportation).

COVID-19 Positive Instructions

If you test positive for COVID-19, please follow the Instructions for Those Exposed, Symptomatic, or Positive for COVID-19. All students and employees must complete the Middlebury COVID-19 Test Result Form to notify Middlebury College of positive result.

Visitor Policy 

Visitors to campus must follow COVID-19 protocols, including compliance with Middlebury’s vaccination policy. 

Summer Resource

Throughout the summer, please monitor the Campus Status page for updates.

Campus Status