A man pops up from behind a chair, holding a fan triumphantly.
Group of German School students act in a play.
Students look out at the audience from a stage.
A group of people plays uno at a wooden table, smiling.
Board Games
Large group of male and female German School students sing in a choir.
A group of people does yoga in a well lit room- star pose.
A large group of people stands in the grass, smiling at the camera.
Three male German School students work in the radio studio.
A woman acts out layering a cake to a group of people in a kitchen.
Intramural German School volleyball team pose for a photo on the court.
German hiking in Vermont!
A woman grates chocolate over a frosted cake/pie.
People pose at the top of a mountain with a dog, smiling.
Students dance in the dark surrounded by colorful lights with headphones on.
Silent rave night! 
Two men mime a violent encounter as a part of play practice. The other actors are ready to take action behind them on the stage (squatting down)