Japanese activitity.
a group of students pulls a rope, all wearing blue.
A woman reads a book in Japanese- pictures and Japanese characters.
Japanese drum practice.
School of Japanese student preparing tea.
Two women do yoga- downward facing dog.
Students drink tea in a row.
Students raise hands in the air triumphantly as they do a Japanese exercise outside.
Students sit at a long table playing various Japanese games.
A group of people raise drum sticks into the air in unison, playing tall drums placed on the floor.
A student smiles as she participates in a group activity outside, flexing her arms.
A student lifts her gloved hands into the air and smiles at the camera. She sits at a table making food.
Large group of School of Japanese students posing for a photo outside in front of a volleyball net.
two men swing a long jump rope while another man jumps over it.
A man sticks his hand in a painted wooden dragon's mouth- he looks apprehensive.
yellow black and white tiles with Japanese lettering on them are stacked up on a table for a game.
A man moves black and white beads around a gridded surface- playing a game.
A group of students in color coordinated team gear jumps for joy.
Students drink tea, sitting in a row.
Students attempt to get a wooden ball to balance on a platform, smiling.
Japanese book sitting on table.
Tiles with black and red lettering in Japanese are in a pile on top of a grid on a table.
A student swings around colorful water balloons.
A student runs, playing a game outside.
A student smiles at the camera, clapping. His team mates walk away with their arms around each other.