Students perform in a play indoors.
Students sing karaoke together in colored lights, smiling.
A group of men play soccer outside on a grass field.
A man plays electric guitar.
Two men, dressed up in costume, look off stage during a play.
Students dance in green light with headphones on, a silent rave.
A man throws a ball in front of him in the sun outside.
French Language Schools students roasting marshmallows
Two men, actors in a play look at each other smiling.
French Language Schools students playing chess
Students sing in a choir during the evening. A crowd watches.
Five French language school students playing a game outside on a campus lawn.
Two female French language school students sitting outside a cafe in Montreal.
Students stand shoulder to shoulder as a team after a basketball game.
Students dance through a line made up of spectators together.
A student plays tennis on an outdoor court.
A group of students on a soccer team stands in a group, smiling.
Students sing in a choir, smiling.
Students look at photography in a gallery.
A student plays guitar, his arm raised in a flourish.
A singer and a pianist perform together on stage.
A woman and man perform a dance together on stage.