Application Update

The School of Korean online program is now full, and we are no longer accepting applications.

The School of Korean 8-week online program for this summer includes:

  • Cultural activities including Taekwondo, K-drama & film, literature, and guest speakers.
  • Oral Proficiency Interviews during Week 8.
  • Various assessments including classroom vocab and comprehension quizzes, oral presentations and written papers to measure progress.

Dates and Fees

Dates June 22–August 14 (8 weeks)
Credits 12 semester hours (4 Middlebury units)
Tuition and Fees $8,800


Days Monday–Friday
Hours 3.5 hours a day
Time Block  12:00–4:00 p.m. EDT (Four 50-minute classes)


Level 1: Beginning Korean I

An intensive introduction to the Korean language. The course covers most basic grammatical structures and everyday vocabulary items, and introduces Hangul, the writing system. Practices are conducted to develop all four skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) in meaningful communicative exercises. Target OPI rating at the end of the session: Novice High.

Level 2: Beginning Korean II

This course is for students who have completed approximately 150 hours of formal training in Korean. Students must be able to read and write hangul. The course will begin with a review of basic patterns and move quickly to cover new materials of survival language in various situations. In addition to the materials provided by the textbook, authentic materials (e.g., television, films, Internet, newspapers, etc.) will be incorporated into the instruction to enhance all four skills. Target OPI rating at the end of the session: Intermediate Low.

Level 3: Intermediate Korean I

This course is for students who have had approximately 300 hours of formal instruction at the college level (completion of four or five semesters of Korean in an academic setting). The course is designed to move students across the threshold of the Intermediate-High level of proficiency with ample opportunities to perform at intermediate and advanced levels. Speaking, listening, reading, and writing will be equally emphasized in this course in order to develop well-balanced functional proficiency in Korean. Various authentic materials such as literature, cartoons and movies are integrated into this course to enhance the student’s awareness and appreciation of the culture of the Korean-Speaking world. Target OPI rating at the end of the session: Intermediate High

Level 4: Intermediate Korean II

This course is designed for students who have had approximately 400 hours of instruction at the college level. This course aims to develop functional proficiency in Korean at the advance-low level in listening, speaking, and reading and writing. Students will develop competence in fluency, grammatical accuracy and socio-linguistic/cultural appropriateness through a variety of tasks and assignments. In addition, students will learn to communicate with more sophisticated grammatical structures and advanced vocabulary on various topics. This course will integrate Korean cultural themes with language learning to enhance students’ acquisition of Korean language and to deepen their understanding of Korean culture. Selected readings and multiple genres of media such as short essays, poems, newspaper articles, TV commercials, or TV news will be introduced. Target OPI rating at the end of the session: Advanced Low.

Level 5: Advanced Korean I

This course is designed for graduate students and professionals who have advanced level proficiency in Korean or have at least three or more years of rigorous formal study in modern Korean. This course aims to develop professional proficiency in Korean at the advance-mid and high level in listening, speaking, and reading and writing employing a variety of materials such as scholarly essays, newspapers, short stories, video and audio materials.

The approach of the course is to study several content areas including Structure of Korean Language and Topics in Korean Society, Culture and History. Students will develop competence through project based and research based instruction exploring a variety of topics. Target OPI rating at the end of the session: Advanced High.


Name Home Institution Level Role

Dr. Chan Young Park

University of Massachusetts Amherst



Bomi Oh

Arizona State University



Dr. Dongmin Kim

New York University



Sooran Pak

University of Southern California



Dr. Ok-Sook Park

Michigan State University



Huynju Ha

Brown University



Dr. Heeyeong Jung

Harvard University



Dr. Heejeong Jeong

Massachusetts Institute of Technology



Dr. Taewoong Kim

Washington University in St. Louis



Dr. Sahie Kang

Middlebury College



Additional Information

  • Electronic check-in and orientation sessions are scheduled prior to June 22.
  • Please see additional information on our Accepted Student website.
  • Levels offered will be based on meeting course enrollments. Enrollment is capped to ensure high quality instruction. Please apply early to secure a spot. Should it become necessary to cancel a program or cap the enrollment, we will notify students and refund the deposit.


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Assistant Director, School of Korean & School of Abenaki

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