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The library offers physical and electronic course materials to support instruction and research.

Library Reserves 2021-22

For Fall 2021 through Spring 2022, physical reserves will be available at both Davis Family Library and Armstrong Library.

Physical Reserves

Physical Reserves are materials set aside for a specific course at the request of a faculty member. These items (books, DVDs, etc.) circulate for a shorter loan period to allow for use by a large number of borrowers. Physical reserves can be found at the Davis Family Library and Armstrong Library Circulation Desks.

Online Reserves

E-books and e-media, such as Kanopy, can also be placed on reserve. To access these materials:

  • Go to Reserves link in MIDCAT
  • Type instructor’s last name and click appropriate course
  • Locate e-material by title, and click title for access
    • Please note that while many e-materials allow for concurrent use, some only allow one user at a time
  • For more information about e-books, please access “E-books and Audiobooks” LibGuide

Some media items may be available via Panopto; students can log into the Course Hub to access these materials.

Finally, Electronic Reserves (ERes) provides a secure platform for students to access PDFs and links to copyrighted course material (book chapters, journal articles).

Please Note: ERes should be viewed with the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox or Safari (not Internet Explorer).

For Faculty

Use the “Put on course reserve” link in MIDCAT (see image below) to:

  • Request that physical materials (books, DVDs) are placed on reserve 
  • Request that e-books and e-media (already owned by the library) are placed on reserve (Quick tip: in MIDCAT, filter your search by “E-books & online resources.”)
  • Request that portions of a print book are scanned and emailed to you (as copyright and staffing allow)
Screenshot of course reserve link in library catalog

For new streaming media requests, please use the Media Services streaming request form

Need to screen a DVD for your class? Consult Film Screening for more info. DVDs should be placed on reserve and booked for the screening date. Please contact libres@middlebury.edu with the details.

Finally, for new purchase requests (i.e. print book, e-book, DVD) please use the Suggest a Library Purchase form.

To place material on Electronic Reserves (ERes)

Faculty may submit PDFs and citations to online readings for ERes. We can also reactivate ERes materials that were used in the past. 

  • To submit PDFs: Email libres@middlebury.edu and make sure the complete bibliographic information is included.
  • To submit articles available electronically: Email the request with complete bibliographic information to libres@middlebury.edu. We will link the article directly to your ERes page.
  • To reactivate materials previously on ERes: There is no need to re-submit photocopies or citations; we will use the PDFs or links previously created. Please contact libres@middlebury.edu to reactivate your materials.

Manage Your Own ERes Page

Contact libres@middlebury.edu to set up an ERes administrator account. Administrative privileges allow you to view previous ERes pages, restore old documents to current pages, add new documents and links, and create folders to organize your pages.

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Kellam Ayres

Circulation Services Coordinator, Reserves