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  1. MiddPoints

    Celebrate Women's History Month

    | by Brenda Ellis

    The library has a number of e-books and audio books in our collection from Overdrive.  This month we’ve been highlighting works by and about women.  Download an audiobook and listen as you walk around campus or exercise, or if you just want to be a couch potato and expand your reading habits.

  2. Featured Film for International Women's Day (March 8th)

    | by Brenda Ellis

    March 8th is International Women’s Day and today we feature a film called “Through Chinese women’s eyes” produced, written and directed by Mayfair Mei-hui Yang.New York, N.Y. : Women Make Movies, [2013]. In Chinese with English voiceover. Streaming video on Panopto (Midd login required). Summary: “Presents the transformations in the lives of Chinese women over the 20th century. Documents the attempts to erase gender differences under Mao, today’s changing ideas of femininity, and the crystalization of Chinese feminism at the UN Women’s conference in Beijing”.

  3. Going Stir Crazy During Quarantine?

    | by Brenda Ellis

    Tired of binge-watching Netflix, Disney, Amazon, HBO, etc.?  Try something different like watching the original Japanese Godzilla film (don’t worry there are subtitles) and other films you can stream from Kanopy.  We also have popular ebooks and audio books you can read.  The library even has current digital editions of newspapers and magazines from around the U.S. and world in almost every language.  Don’t miss out on these great library subscriptions!  And do you know about all the cool stuff Special Collections has digitized?  Read the full post to learn more. Don’t miss out!

  4. Facebook and You: De-FAANGing Our Social Media to Take Control of our Digital Lives

    | by Brenda Ellis

    The Library is partnering with DLINQ to offer a “cryptoparty.” It is the first of a series that focuses on the FAANG companies (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google). Participants will focus on Facebook, and actively take steps to protect their privacy while learning about how our data is collected and shared. We ask that all attendees bring their own laptop so that they can take the benefits of these activities with them.