Welcome to the Class Agent Hub for Fundraising Volunteers!

This Class Agent Hub will include all you need for the current fiscal year’s fundraising initiatives, general information about what class agents do, and training materials to help you succeed in your volunteer work for Middlebury.

When coming to the Class Agent Hub for information, this page is always a good place to start, as is the Midd Class Agent Calendar for Fiscal Year 2022–2023, where you can take note of events to attend and future campaign dates when we’ll be asking for your targeted outreach efforts.

New here? Watch this video overview to find out all the Hub has to offer!

Spring Fundraising Campaigns

3s and 8s, Reunion 2023 is just around the corner!

It’s your Reunion year and registration opens on March 15! We hope you’ll join us on campus June 9–11 (or June 8-11 for the 25th and 50th Reunion classes) for a beautiful Vermont weekend where you can catch up with old friends—and make some new ones, too! For all things Reunion 2023, please check the Reunion website. Be sure to follow Midd Alum on social and use #MiddReunion23 to build excitement and share photos. Follow Midd Alum feeds on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for inspiration!

As a Reunion Volunteer, please register early and then encourage your friends to do the same!

How’s your class gift doing?

Check your goal and participation stats. Many classes have ongoing participation challenges, which they’re using to keep up the momentum through Reunion weekend. If you think your class needs more of a push, connect with your staff liaison to start a conversation about ideas!  

rear view of a hundreds of alumni lining up to enter the Chapel during Reunion Convocation

4s and 9s

It’s not too soon to start thinking about your own Reunion committee for next year!  
As you reach out to your classmates this spring and encourage their annual gift or share a great piece of campus news, please consider whether they might be a good addition to your class Reunion committee. We need planners, doers, and connectors! The role description is here and there is a template in GiveCampus designed for this kind of outreach that you can use. 

1s and 6s, 2s and 7s

Now’s a good time to reach out to classmates just to say “hi!”
Check back here in mid-May to start gearing up for the June Challenge to help us finish out the fiscal year with strong participation numbers across all classes! 

All Class Agents 

Visit the volunteer portal on GiveCampus to get started with your outreach to classmates. 
Please feel free to email or call your staff liaison with questions anytime.

How to Get Started with Fundraising

New and continuing agents alike ask us this question… and we have answers!

Visit the Peer-to-Peer Fundraising pages for strategies and more.

Class Agent Hub Overview

We encourage you to browse around the Hub to see what’s most useful to you, and to help get you started, we recorded a short video walkthrough for you! Welcome, agents!

Class Agent Hub Video Overview

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