Health Professions provides advising and resources for prospective students interested in pre-health while weighing their college options. They support Middlebury students and alumni considering careers in, and preparing for admission to medical, dental, veterinary, and other allied health professions schools.

Advising Resources

Individual advising is available to any student by e-mail and appointment. A number of information sessions, workshops, and events are offered throughout the academic year through Health Professions in the CTLR.

The Writing Center has both students and staff available to read drafts of application essays and personal statements.

Peer career advisers who are trained to work with students to edit your cover letters and resumes can be found in the Center for Careers and Internships (CCI).

When eligible students and alumni apply to medical school, a committee letter is prepared on their behalf. These letters are one of the preferred evaluations by medical schools, and summarizes students’ academics, activities, recommendation letters, and interaction with the Health Professions Committee, as established through individual contact and interviews.

Middlebury Acceptance Rate 

  • 91% running cohort acceptance rate into medical school over the last 5 years

STEM at Middlebury

Students who want the best in STEM education will find it here, as well as a holistic education that fosters a deep and integrative approach to any field of study they choose. Middlebury’s science and math departments blend the high-tech facilities and cutting edge research typically associated with larger universities, with the collaborative learning atmosphere of a liberal arts college. With eleven departments and programs focused on math and both the physical and life sciences, Middlebury not only has a broad range of ways to study the sciences, it gives students the freedom to explore them all.

International Students

International students (those who are not US citizens or permanent residents) find that admission to American medical schools is extremely difficult. Many institutions, especially medical schools at state-run universities, do not consider applications from international students. Private institutions may consider international students for admission, but are extremely competitive and often require applicants to place a significant portion of their four year tuition in escrow prior to medical school enrollment, an amount that may exceed $250,000.00. Because international students are not eligible for the government or non-government loans that most U.S. citizens and permanent residents use to finance their medical education, affording a medical education in the U.S. is a formidable barrier.

While Middlebury welcomes international students to campus regardless of their post-college goals, it is important for international students considering attendance at Middlebury or other American colleges and universities to think carefully about the barriers to attending an American medical school after graduation. Prospective students interested in this career path should speak with Middlebury’s Director of Health Professions early on to better understand the challenges they might encounter.

You can contact Mary Lothrop with any questions regarding the medical school admissions process.

Allied Health 

Students who are interested in pursuing health care careers including physician’s assistant, nursing, physical therapy, and pharmacy will likely be required to complete pre-requisite courses (such as Anatomy & Physiology, Nutrition, and Medical Terminology) that are not offered at Middlebury.

There are several options for how students navigate this dilemma. Some students elect to take summer courses which they transfer into Middlebury, while others complete outstanding pre-requisites after graduation. An occasional student will elect to pursue a Domestic Off-Campus Study semester at another U.S. undergraduate institution in order to complete pre-requisites not offered at Middlebury College. To learn more and discuss your specific situation, please e-mail a health professions advisor to arrange a meeting.

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