The Writing Center is a pedagogical and scholarly hub on campus. Peer writing tutors engage in educational and writing studies research under the mentorship of Dr. Giaimo. The Writing Center also creates digital books that celebrate first-year writing and promote engaged writing pedagogy throughout the College. These projects have resulted in conference presentations, publications, and several other kinds of positive and long-term outcomes, such as fellowship awards and graduate school acceptances.

We share a selection of research that members of the Writing Center have developed. We hope that all members of the Middlebury Community (faculty, staff, students) find these useful in their own writing work (pedagogical or otherwise). 

Selected Publications & Projects 

Communicating Work-Related Conflict: Textual Analysis of Politeness Strategies and Linguistic Cues in Tutor Session Notes,” The Peer Review Journal, Joseph Gulino (‘23) and Genie Giaimo.

Writing goals in U.S. undergraduate data science course outlines: A textual analysis,” Constance Laranja Gooding (‘23), Alex Lyford (Mathematics), & Genie Giaimo.

Mindfulness Writing Journey (Winter 2021), Ericka Perez (‘23)

Grades Make Me Depressed”: Re-evaluating Meaning Making in Our Grading Systems, Emily Jones (‘23).

Vermont Publishing Guide, Bel Spelman (‘23)

Mindfulness Resources On and Around Campus, Cooper Lamb (‘23)

Why We Write: A Workshop on Meaningful Writing at Middlebury College, Jack Torpey (‘24), CTLR 2022 Contemporary Teaching SeriesVideo and PowerPoint slides.

Celebration of First-Year Writing: Ward Prize Nominees 2020 - 2021, Genie Giaimo (Ed.).  

Celebration of First-Year Writing: Ward Prize Nominees 2021 - 2022Bel Spelman (‘23) & Genie Giaimo (Eds.)

Celebration of First-Year Writing: Ward Prize Nominees 2022 - 2023, Sheila Camacho (‘25) & Genie Giaimo (Eds.)

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