To truly master the Russian language, linguistic and cultural immersion are of critical importance.

To engage effectively with the world in Russian, you need both superior language skills and deep cultural understanding. Whether you plan to use your Russian for business, research, translation, or education, this powerful combination will help you focus your studies and achieve your career goals.

Like 8-week students, graduate students sign the Language Pledge, a commitment to use Russian as one's only language of communication during the session, providing a 24/7 immersion environment. Reading, writing, speaking, and thinking in Russian, you will challenge yourself as never before and push your language skills to a higher level than you imagined possible.

At Middlebury, "immersion" also includes Russian culture. On our Vermont campus, take part in cocurricular activities ranging from art and cooking to music and sports-all conducted in Russian. And while abroad, experience the culture first-hand—studying at a local university, exploring urban oases and historic sites, and building relationships with the people who call this deeply traditional and rapidly evolving nation home.

Graduate Program and the MA Degree

Graduate students enroll in content courses on topics in Russian culture and civilization, language and linguistics, and literature. 6-week graduate course offerings vary from year to year.  You may read descriptions of recent graduate courses here.

Most graduate students at the Russian School are pursuing an MA degree, while some enroll on a non-degree basis. Graduate-level proficiency in Russian is a requirement for admission in either case. The MA degree may be completed over four summers, or two summers plus an academic year in Moscow, Yaroslavl, or Irkutsk. For detailed information about application requirements and graduate program options, please visit MA Program Options.

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