Russian students study on the Middlebury campus.

Focus on linguistic excellence, cultural fluency, and regional expertise to prepare you for careers in academia, government, business, or the nonprofit sector.

The MA in Russian is designed as a broadly based program of study in itself, rather than as the first stage of a doctoral program. You may choose to earn your MA in one of the following ways:

  • Four summers in Vermont
  • Two summers in Vermont, with an academic year in Russia (Moscow, Yaroslavl, or Irkutsk)
  • Three summers in Vermont, with a semester in Russia (Moscow, Yaroslavl, or Irkutsk)

See locations for more information and course listings.


Middlebury awards one unit of graduate credit (equivalent to three semester hours) for each graduate course. The normal course load is three course units per summer or semester abroad.

Candidates for the MA in Russian are expected to take a balanced program.
Studies should include at least two courses in each of the following areas:

  • language and linguistics
  • literature
  • civilization (history, politics, art, film, music, popular culture, etc.)

An MA thesis is required.
As one of the required 12 units, during the final summer in Vermont, candidates register for an independent study course (RUSS 6888), representing the thesis. Research is usually started during the year abroad in Russia or during the second or third summer at Middlebury.

Graduate summer sessions and semesters abroad need not be consecutive.
All credits toward a Middlebury MA are valid for a maximum of 10 years.

You have several options for completing your degree:

Option 1

(6 weeks each)

Russian School, Vermont

Option 2

(6 weeks)

Russian School, Vermont

Middlebury School in Russia (Moscow, Yaroslavl, or Irkutsk)

(6 weeks)

Russian School, Vermont