Abe Liebhaber

Abraham Liebhaber, Level 2

Professional Cellist

Abraham Liebhaber hadn’t been a student for nearly a decade. But his work playing chamber music and opera in Italy sparked an interest in brushing up on his Italian. "Having played these operatic works, I thought I’d like to be able to translate them. So I came to Middlebury. I’ve never had so much fun doing hard work."

What makes Middlebury different, Abraham says, is the Language Pledge. "There is a whole terminology in opera that you can access only in Italian. Eventually, I’d love to do translation, particularly of librettos. I’m even considering graduate studies."

Thomas LinThomas Lin, Level 3

Graduate Student in Historical Musicology, Harvard University

When Thomas Lin began his graduate research into early Baroque opera, he soon understood that a reading knowledge of Italian would be essential to his professional development. Ultimately, though, he wanted to be able to use the language in both the real world and the world of academia, and Middlebury prepared him to do just that.

"At Middlebury, I learned to actually speak Italian. Now in my second year at the Italian School, I'm still amazed at the breadth and freedom of academic inquiry, as well as the constant availability of the professors and their considerable intellectual resources. This is a truly unique experience."

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