Alumni volunteers agree to follow a strict code of confidentiality with regard to alumni data. 

Confidentiality Agreement

The guidelines below are designed to protect Middlebury alumni volunteers and all members of the Middlebury family against unauthorized use or disclosure of personal data, including email and postal addresses, telephone numbers, and giving histories.

We require that all volunteers agree to abide by the below guidelines with regard to handling of alumni information.

Confidentiality Guidelines

  1. Handle all confidential information responsibly and discreetly and respect your fellow alumni’s right to privacy.
  2. Any information shared with you is for Middlebury-related purposes only and may not be used for commercial, political, or advocacy solicitations of any kind.
  3. Do not share or permit access to confidential information with any person or organization unless authorized to do so by Middlebury.
  4. Do not alter, copy, duplicate, reproduce, store in a retrieval system, or transmit alumni data in any form or by any means unless authorized to do so by Middlebury.
  5. Promptly dispose of any data no longer needed for your volunteer work. Disposal must be secure and unrecoverable (shredded or erased from electronic storage).

We appreciate everything you can do to make sure the privacy of your fellow Middlebury alumni is honored and protected.

Volunteer Code of Conduct

Please also review Middlebury’s Volunteer Code of Conduct for all alumni volunteers. 

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