Five alumni volunteers of differing heights, ages, genders and races, laughing over a joke

Middlebury’s dynamic and global community depends on 8,000 alumni, parents, and friends who volunteer their time, resources, and talents.

As a volunteer, you’ll engage classmates and build community, advocate for alumni, ask for support, and make it possible for Middlebury to thrive.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Alumni Association Board

    Shape priorities and policies to connect and support alumni.

  • Class Agent

    Connect with classmates and raise money for today’s students and faculty.

  • Reunion Volunteer

    Help plan your reunion, encourage classmates to come back, and raise funds for your class gift.

  • Midd2Midd

    Mentor students, and give or get career advice from alumni.

  • Chapter/Events

    Help plan an in-person or online event through your local alumni chapter or in partnership with the Alumni and Parent Programs office.

  • Class Correspondent

    Collect class notes and keep classmates connected.

  • Alumni Admissions Program

    Assist the admissions staff in contacting applicants, providing information about Middlebury, conducting interviews that are used in the decision-making process, and encouraging admitted students to attend.

  • Parents’ Committee

    Promote philanthropic engagement with Middlebury by example and through service as ambassadors for the College.

Join Us!

If you are interested in volunteering, please complete our volunteer registration form and indicate your area(s) of interest. A staff member will then be in touch with you. If you would like more information about volunteer roles and time commitments, please email us at or call the alumni office at (802) 443-5183.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Why Volunteer: In Their Own Words

People choose to get involved for many different reasons, and we are thrilled to support and share in them all!

Middlebury volunteer Hannah Burnett

Creating Change

I support Middlebury because of the deep sense of gratitude I have for my Middlebury experience. I know there is more work to be done to ensure all students have the access, support, and experience of home that I did. Change doesn’t happen without community investment and engagement, and I believe we can help build an even better Middlebury together. 

Hannah Burnett ’10

Alumni Association Board Vice President, Alumni Admissions Program Volunteer

Will Graham ’76, MA English ’84 Graduate Schools Liaison, Middlebury Alumni Association Board


I volunteer for Middlebury as a small way of showing my appreciation and gratitude to the faculty, staff, coaches, and friends who had an impact on my life, long after graduation from Middlebury and the Bread Loaf School of English.

Will Graham ’76, MA English ’84

Former Graduate Schools Liaison, Alumni Association Board

Sebastian Sanchez ’18 Midd2Midd Mentor, Center for Careers and Internships

Personal Passion

I volunteer and I donate to Middlebury because it is one of my personal passions. The opportunity to serve as a mentor, build relationships across my experiences, and give back to my community has changed my life. I value these opportunities because I want to open doors for the next generation of leaders and help them succeed personally and professionally, just as my mentors and sponsors did for me when I was finding my way!

Sebastian Sanchez ’18

Alumni Association Board Liaison for Midd2Midd

Janine Hetherington ’95, P’24 President, Middlebury Alumni Association Board

Paying It Forward

Middlebury helped shape who I am and opened the world to me. The financial aid support, depth of resources afforded to all students, and the lifelong friendships I made are just three reasons I do whatever I can to pay it forward with my Middlebury volunteerism and philanthropy. I stood on the shoulders of generous alumni who came before me, and I want current students to know they can stand on mine.

Janine Hetherington ’95, P’24

Alumni Association Board Former President, Lead Class Agent

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