As a community-based collaboration, Language in Motion has multiple and overlapping benefits for all involved.

By bringing together campus and school partners, Language in Motion excites students to learn more about the world and its peoples, improves and enriches language and culture teaching and learning, hones intercultural skills, demonstrates the value of higher education and of studying language and culture, and supports networks of educators locally and nationwide.

Benefits for Middlebury College Students

LiM participants deepen their intercultural experience and perspective within a community of other internationally focused students. They learn how to plan, develop, and deliver engaging and meaningful presentations; receive supportive feedback from their peers and experienced educators; develop their work, life, and leadership skills; and have the opportunity to extend and further integrate the meaning of their international experience by sharing it with others.

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Become a Student Presenter

Benefits for Elementary and Secondary Teachers and Students

Host teachers are matched with Language in Motion presenters whose topics and/or language skills both meet and further course objectives. In addition to exposing school-age children to diverse culture, language, and perspective, LiM presentations serve as powerful and motivating examples of what is possible while seeking a college degree. Plus, the K-12 students usually love having a college student as a visiting instructor. LiM presenters have listed student enthusiasm as an extremely rewarding aspect of the program for them.

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I had a wonderful experience with the two LiM presenters that visited my AP Spanish and Spanish 2 classes. Both were very knowledgeable and gave informative and interesting presentations. My students were engaged, and they learned a lot. I am excited to have other Middlebury College students visit next semester. 

- Host Teacher

This presentation increased my desire to continue a language past high school. 

- High School Spanish Student

There is a large, important part of a country’s culture that you don’t notice at first, unless you immerse yourself in it.

- High School French Student

The most important new thing I learned from this presentation is that it’s important to be aware of news from around the world.

-High School Biology Student


For more information, contact Kristen Mullins at or (802) 443-5990, or attend an info session offered once each fall and spring semester.