Green Panther Challenge

The Green Panther program is a collaboration between Office of Sustainability Integration, the Athletics Department and the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) that seeks to engage student-athletes and their fans by challenging them to up their practice of sustainability in sports.

Currently, efforts are focused on two main areas:

  • Every team, under the leadership of their Green Liaison and with guidance from the SAAC, brings color-coded bags for recycling and landfill waste, as well as a compost bucket on all bus/van trips.
  • OSI and Athletics host department-wide events throughout the year that aim to engage fans in helping them learn how to properly sort their waste into recycling, landfill, or compost. Green Liaisons and student-athlete volunteers work together at Perfect Sort Gamedays to educate fans.

Who Does It?

Here’s the breakdown of who does what in the Green Program:

  • Green Liaisons are appointed team leaders and are responsible for relaying information between SAAC and their teammates. Green Liaisons are also responsible for bringing a Bus Kit (compost bucket + recycling + trash bags) on every road trip and depositing the waste in the proper bins upon returning to the Athletic Center.
  • Coaches and the SAAC Sustainability Committee help guide their teams and support their Green Liaisons.
  • Office of Sustainability Integration, Athletics and SAAC provide support and guidance for coaches, Green Liaisons and athletes.

Are you a Green Liaison? 

Congratulations! More information and resources can be found here.