Employees who are leaving Middlebury need to complete a number of steps prior to their last day of employment.

First discuss your departure with your supervisor, faculty should work with the VP for Academic Affairs. Once a date has been finalized, submit your resignation letter via Oracle.

Your resignation letter should specify your last date of work, which is the last day you will be physically present at work. (The last day can’t be a CTO day or a holiday).

Note: No resignation letter is needed if you are finishing up a term position that was scheduled to end on a specific date or if you were working in a temporary position. 

Before Your Last Day

  • If you participate in Middlebury’s retirement plan (all benefits eligible staff and faculty participate), call TIAA at (800) 842-2776 to discuss your options. Please note this is for your information and no immediate action will be required. 
  • If you have health or dental insurance, please note that no immediate action is needed. You will receive written information about the option to continue your coverage under COBRA as your separation date draws closer. You have 60 days after your coverage ends to make a decision. Business Plans, Inc. administers our COBRA plans.
  • Your final paycheck will be generated on the next regular pay date. Be sure to complete your final timesheet as usual.
  • If you have unused CTO hours, they will be paid out automatically in the final check.
  • In order to receive information from Middlebury (like next year’s W-2 or the COBRA information), we need your current mailing address. Please use these instructions to check your address and update it if necessary.
  • Your email account will stay active for only a limited time after your departure. Staff accounts are available for one month; faculty accounts are available for three months. Please discuss this with your supervisor. It may be appropriate to create an automatic reply to redirect inquiries to another person within your department.  For assistance with automatic replies contact the Helpdesk or submit a ticket. Refer to our Account Lifecycle Policy for additional details. 
  • Your supervisor will also need to make a plan regarding your voicemail and telephone extension. They can request support from the Helpdesk.
  • Remove all personal electronic files from your hard drive and the cloud.
  • Ensure that work-related electronic files are accessible to your co-workers. Contact the Helpdesk for support if needed. 
  • Return all Middlebury property, including keys, Middlebury ID, Procurement Card, Middlebury driver’s license, and uniforms or other equipment to your supervisor.
  • Return your computer and any peripherals to the Technology Help Desk in Davis Family Library, room 202.
  • Access to certain Middlebury resources is removed immediately.  Please plan ahead; review important details and tips regarding Life After Middlebury

You may wish to discuss a future employment reference with your supervisor or ask for a letter of reference. Keep in mind that you need to sign the reference authorization form if you want your supervisor to provide information about your work performance to a prospective employer, either verbally or in writing.