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Davis Family Library: 7:30am - 12am
Armstrong Science Library: 7:45am - 10pm

General Guidelines

  • Library materials must be checked out at the Circulation Desks before storing in a locker or carrel
  • Library-use-only materials may not be stored in carrels and lockers and will be returned to the shelves if found
  • Lockers and Carrels are subject to regular inspection
  • Alumni are not eligible to check out a carrel key
  • Lockers and carrels will be cleared of contents if key is not returned by the due date
    • If removed, personal belongings will be placed in the lost and found
    • If removed, library materials will be checked-in and re-shelved
  • If you lose your key, please notify the circulation desk. The replacement charge is $20.


  1. Checkout a locker key at the Circulation Desk. Lockers are available on a first come, first served basis and are a semester-long loan.
  2. Locker keys may be renewed the same way you would renew a book.
  3. At the end of the loan, remove all personal effects and return the key to the circulation desk.

Thesis Carrels 

Academic Year

Map of thesis carrels in Davis Family Library. Please note, specific carrels in the Davis Family Library are reserved for ADA use, please contact the circulation desk directly to reserve one of these carrels. There are 15 carrels available in Armstrong Library, ask at the circulation desk for more information.

Carrels are available at the beginning of the semester and are checked out for the duration of the semester, they can be renewed.


Study Carrels may be reserved during the Summer semester by currently enrolled Language School, Bread Loaf School of English students, academic year students, faculty, and staff on a first come, first served basis starting the first day of the summer session. Please note that during the summer, carrels 70-227 are reserved as Language Carrel Suites.

Study Carrel Suites have been set aside for use by specific Language Schools. The Language Carrel Map shows their locations in the library. Individual carrels within the Language Suites are available on a first come, first served basis and may not be reserved.

Request a Thesis Carrel

Eligibility and schedule


Eligible students

Sign Up Dates

Sign Up Location


Seniors taking 500, 600, or 700 level class with no overdues

8:00am on the second Monday of the semester

Online or at the Circulation Desk


Remaining seniors*, with no overdues

Third Monday of the semester

Circulation Desk


Any current Middlebury student* with no overdues

Fourth Monday of the semester 

Circulation Desk

*Circulation reserves the right to recall these keys in the event that there is a senior who is writing a thesis who needs a carrel.

How to sign up:

  1. Visit the circulation desk before sign up day to confirm you are eligible to check out a thesis carrel and you are set up in the system.
  2. Book your carrel online or at the circulation desk
    • For J-term and Spring semesters, carrel keys must be checked out in person at the circulation desk.
  3. Pick up your key at the circulation desk. You will need your Middlebury ID.
  4. Carrel keys checked out in September are due back in December even if you are renewing your carrel into the Spring semester. You will receive instructions for renewing your key through email.

Faculty Carrels

There are 24 faculty carrels (in 3 suites) are located in the Davis Family Library. For more information, please contact Diane Burnham.

How to book a thesis carrel online

  1. Review the thesis carrel map available for use in the Davis Family Library. Find a carrel section that would meet your needs. It will help to keep this map open in a separate window as you proceed to step 2. 
  2. Using Firefox or Chrome, login to MIDCAT at this link using your Middlebury username and password.
  3. Click “New Search” in the upper right corner.
  4. Do a keyword or title search for “carrel key”
  5. Click on the title of the section you have chosen in Step 1.
  6. On the next screen in MIDCAT, click on the “Reserve for pickup at the circ desk” link in the middle of the page
  7. (If you have overdue library materials or fines, or if you are not registered in our system as being signed up for a thesis-level class, you will not be able to proceed beyond this point.)
  8. Leave all dates as they appear. Click submit. Changing dates may result in a key getting double booked, which is not a good thing.
  9. Select the carrel key that you would like to book.  Carrels that are already booked will not appear in the list.
  10. Do not change the end dates of the booking.
  11. Click submit.
  12. The website can be very slow, especially when bookings first open. Be patient. If you think something is really broken, call Circulation Services at 802-443-5494.
  13. Come to the circulation desk during library hours to pick up your key and sign the Carrel User Agreement.
  14. If your key is not picked up by the following Monday, the booking will be canceled and up for grabs to another patron.