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Anyone can take the Academic Integrity Tutorial on their own, but if you link it from the Course Hub page for a class, it will collect and display the results of the students in the class.

Giving Your Students Access

To make the tutorial available to your students, add the tutorial to the Course Hub for your class. This will make it easier for you to learn who has, and who has not, taken the tutorial.

  1. Go to Course Hub and log in.
  2. Find your class and click +Resource.
  3. Click Shared Canvas Resource.
  4. Choose Academic Integrity Tutorial.
  5. Click Save. A link to the tutorial will be added to your Course Hub.
  6. Tell your students to access the tutorial by following these instructions:
    • Go to Course Hub and log in.
    • Select your class.
    • Under Resources, select Academic Integrity Tutorial.
  7. [If this is the first time you are using Canvas, you might want to leave the Course Hub and log in to Canvas to confirm that your Administrative Notifications are set to off (Canvas > Account > Notifications > Alerts > Administrative Notifications > “x - Do not send me anything”). If Administrative Notifications are turned on, you might receive messages when people access the tutorial.]

Visual overview:

  • go/aithelpslides:  Screenshots that show how to set up the Academic Integrity Tutorial

Seeing the Results

To see the results for your class, log in to Canvas and view quiz statistics. (If you haven’t already added the tutorial to the Course Hub for your class, you’ll need to do that first. Follow the instructions for “Giving Your Students Access,” above.)

  1. Go to Course Hub and log in.
  2. Find your class and click and select Academic Integrity Tutorial. 
  3. Scroll down and select the appropriate link for Tutorial and Self-Test for… [semester] 
  4. Click on the Quiz Statistics button.  (The “Quiz Statistics” button will be located either on the right-hand side of the page or at the bottom, depending on the width of your browser window.)
  5. Click on the Section Filter button at the top of the page, then select your class.
    • For a summary of how the students in your class responded to each question, scroll down.  Underneath each question, you’ll see a report of how many students answered correctly.
    • For a list of the students in your class who took the tutorial, click on the “Student Analysis” button. This will produce a list, in a downloadable spreadsheet, of everyone who took the tutorial. You will need to sort or filter the sheet for your course number (column D, “Section”).
  6. Note: A few instructors have seen unusual AIT-related grading tasks show up in their Canvas site (for example, an alert to fifty quizzes, despite a course enrollment of only fifteen students). If this happens to you, deleting the grading task should take care of the issue.

How to Get Help

For more advice on navigating the tutorial and viewing student responses, contact Canvas staff. Canvas support is available every day at all hours. When you’re logged into Canvas, you will see a “?” (“Help”) button in the blue bar on the left-hand side of the screen. This will lead you to options for online help, live chat, or phone support. (You must log in to Canvas first because the “Help” button will generate different options depending on the role of the user.)

Carrie M. Macfarlane

Director of Research and Instruction