Middlebury College is committed to helping employees build a secure financial future. We offer generous matches to employee contributions.  TIAA, an industry leader specializing in retirement for non-profit institutions, provides valuable guidance and oversight.  Counseling and advice is also available from TIAA to help employees navigate the world of investments and retirement planning.


Core Plan
All benefits-eligible employees (21 years and older) are required to contribute to our core retirement plan and all participants receive a generous match from the College.

401a Core SPD
401a & 403b QDIA

401a Core Plan SAR
401a Core Fee Disclosure - Investment Notice

Voluntary Plans
Employees may choose to contribute additional amounts to the voluntary plans.

403b Voluntary Plan SAR
2021 Universal Availability Notice
401a & 403b QDIA
403b Voluntary Fee Disclosure - Investment Notice
403b Voluntary SPD