We take safety seriously and strive to make Middlebury a place where all employees can work safely.

Middlebury provides a variety of safety and other training programs, personal protective devices, and ergonomic programs in an effort to prevent accidents and injuries. In the event that an injury does occur, Middlebury carries worker’s compensation insurance.

Please note that all workers’ compensation claims are subject to approval by Middlebury’s third party administrator, FutureComp.

Middlebury also has a Threat Assessment and Management (TAM) team that is charged with receiving, analyzing and responding sensitively to reports of potential violence. To learn more about this program please visit Threat Assessment

What are Worker’s Compensation Benefits?

Medical Expenses: If you are injured during the course of working for Middlebury, your medical expenses to treat your work-related injury or illness will be paid for by Middlebury’s worker’s compensation insurance. Injuries may also include conditions that develop over time such as a repetitive motion injury.

Worker’s Compensation Billing Information

Lost Wages: Worker’s compensation will pay for wages lost as a result of your injury or illness in accordance with Vermont law: if you are out of work for 1-3 calendar days you are not eligible for WC wages. If you are out of work between 4-9 calendar days, wages will be paid from day 4 until you return to work. If you remain out of work for 10 or more calendar days, wages are payable back to day 1 out of work. Worker’s compensation wages are paid at the rate of approximately two thirds of your average weekly wage and are non taxable income. Wages are paid directly from Middlebury’s Worker’s compensation third party administrator and are not put through Middlebury payroll.

Worker’s Compensation Employee Obligation

What is an Occupational Health Specialist?

Middlebury is committed to ensuring that employees who are injured on the job receive prompt and expert care. In order to ensure that our employees receive the best possible care in a timely manner, Middlebury has contracted with an Occupational Health Specialist, Board certified Family Nurse Practitioner, Doris Raymond. Employees who need to seek (non-emergent) medical care for a worker’s compensation-related injury will be directed to Doris Raymond for treatment. Appointments must be made through HR.

Middlebury is charged a $65 no-show/cancel with less than 24 hours notice fee for any missed appointment. Disciplinary action may be taken if an employee repeatedly misses scheduled appointments.

If Middlebury’s Occupational Health Specialist is not available to see an employee within a reasonable amount of time or if an injury occurs during a period of HR shut-down, an employee may seek medical treatment elsewhere.

Frequently Asked Questions