Small Planet Studio: Helping Sudden Returnees (includes handouts, a re-entry workbook and toolkit, links to many helpful articles, and ideas for staying connected)

Dealing with Reverse Culture Shock & Mental Health During COVID-19 (USAC)

Re-Entry Resources (IES Abroad)

Diversity Abroad’s Guide to Coming Home & Re-Entry  

Coming Home: Relationships, Roots, and Unpacking (Citron & Mendelson, Transitions Abroad)

What’s Up With Culture? (an interactive web site developed for students to make successful cultural adjustments both before going overseas and upon returning home from studying abroad)

The Peace Corps Culture Matters Workbook

Reverse Culture Shock (US Department of State resources)

Dealing with Reverse Culture Shock (InterExchange)

Reverse Culture Shock and Re-Entry (The Study Abroad Blog)

How to include study abroad on your resume (Go Overseas)

10 Tips for When You’re Feeling Depressed After Study Abroad (

Lessons From Abroad: Study Abroad Returnee Conferences 


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