Students who studied on externally sponsored programs

At the end of your semester or year abroad, your program or university should send an official transcript directly to:

Stacey Thebodo, Associate Director, International Programs

Middlebury College

Sunderland Language Center

356 College Street

Middlebury, VT 05753 USA

  • Hand-carried transcripts are not accepted, even if unopened.
  • Do not assume your program or university knows where to send your transcript; please double check that they have the correct information.
  • It is your responsibility to request a transcript.
  • We can only accept electronic transcripts if they are sent directly to Middlebury through an official secure transcript digitizing service or by password protected/encrypted email (not simply an email attachment).

You can check to see if Middlebury has received your transcript by logging into our study abroad application system

Students who studied at Middlebury Schools Abroad

Your grades and courses will automatically appear on your Middlebury transcript. The reporting and conversion of your grades from the foreign university can take up to a semester after your return to Middlebury.

Please refer to the transcript course key for further explanation of where your courses were taken.


You must also complete an evaluation of your study abroad experience in order to view your grades online and/or request a transcript. Evaluating your period of study abroad is one of the most valuable services you can render Middlebury College and future students wishing to study abroad and one of the most important ways you can help us maintain the highest possible standards.

Our office is working with Abroad101 to collect your study abroad evaluations online. Go online to complete your evaluation. On the form you can decide whether you want your name to be seen by only us, the Middlebury community, all registered Abroad101 users, or the public.

Major, Minor, or Distribution Credits

If you are seeking major, minor, or distribution credit for any courses you took abroad, you should first check the Course Information Database to see if the course has already been approved for major/minor/distribution credit.

To apply a pre-approved academic distribution or cultures and civilizations attribute to your student record, you must contact the Registrar’s Office. To apply a pre-approved course toward your major, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

If the course is not listed in the Course Information Database, you can complete a Transfer Credit Application Form. Signatures are required from the appropriate Department Chairs. Transfer Credit Application Forms are not necessary to receive general credit.

Principles for Incorporating Grades from Externally Sponsored Programs into GPA

When students’ applications to study abroad are approved by the Programs Abroad Committee, the approval will indicate the number of units of credit that the student will receive upon successful completion of the program: 9 units (full academic year), 5 units (one semester and Winter Term), or 4 units (one semester).

Assuming enrollment in a normal full load of coursework as outlined in the student’s approval letter, the number of courses will be divided into the number of credits the student will receive to determine the weight to be assigned each course in the calculation of GPA. For example, if a student is enrolled in 5 courses in a 4-unit program, each course would be assigned a weight of .80. If a student is enrolled in 4 courses in a 5-unit program, each course would be assigned a weight of 1.25. These calculations will be carried out to the second decimal place. If truncating a weight after the second decimal point does not produce a sum that is equal to 4.00, 5.00, or 9.00, weights will be rounded up as necessary. The higher weights will be assigned to the courses in which the student received higher grades. Normally, as is the case with courses taught on the Middlebury campus, all courses in which a student is enrolled will be assigned an equal weight in the computation of the GPA, regardless of the number of contact hours. However, if the transcript issued by the program abroad clearly indicated that a course was a double course or a half-course, the calculation of course weights will be adjusted to reflect this.

Only grades that are reported on an A-F scale, or that can be converted to an A-F scale, will be used in the calculation of the GPA, including grades of D and F. As has always been the case, courses graded on a pass/fail or audit basis will not be transferred. Because the Middlebury faculty voted to eliminate the A+ grade, grades of A+ will be converted to an A on the Middlebury transcript.

Since the weight to be assigned to each grade is a matter of calculation, not assessment, students may not appeal the determinations of International Programs and Off-Campus Study or the Registrar’s Office regarding the weight to be assigned to a course. Students who wish to appeal their grade in a course may do so using the grade appeal procedures established by the program or by the International Office of the institution at which they were enrolled.

Questions about this process? Contact us.

Study Abroad
Sunderland Language Center, First Floor
356 College Street
Middlebury, VT 05753